Smartpricing for Vacation Rental Hosts

The revenue management software for vacation rental owners

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Smartpricing for Vacation Rental Hosts

Smartpricing is a Revenue Management Software that allows hospitality business owners thrive by dynamically optimizing prices for each room type.

About Smartpricing

Smartpricing is simple and intuitive to use; its dashboard and features are designed to make the experience on the platform smooth. Although it works independently, users can intervene at any time by changing and fixing recommended prices according to their needs and strategies.

Maximize your revenue with the smartest solution

Smartpricing takes advantage of proprietary AI-based algorithms to automatically monitor and analyze a batch of business and market data to find the right price for each room type at the right time. It can be integrated seamlessly with the best PMS and channel manager softwares on the market.

Thanks to its intuitive interface Smartpricing allows both experienced and less experienced users to monitor any software activity and keep an eye on results and performance. No need to be tech-savvy or an expert to use it! Besides, Smartpricing can be the number one ally for any kind of hospitality business: from the 50+ room hotel to the smallest B&B. The software pricing depends on the size of the property, i.e. on the number of rooms. 

ᐅ Smartpricing integration | Smoobu
Fabian Beckers
Co-Founder - Smoobu

Customers are satisfied with the efficient and smoothly integration and see a real value for their vacation rentals.


How much does Smartpricing cost for a vacation rental host?

The price depends on the size of the property (number of rooms/units).

Is the integration between Smoobu and Smartpricing available in my country?

Smartpricing is available in the following languages: English, Italian and German.

Why working together with Smoobu and Smartpricing is a plus for your vacation rental business?

Thanks to our Smoobu Channel Manager you have access to the most important resources you need when managing your vacation rental business, and Smartpricing is the perfect support when it comes to settling up prices. Dynamic prices have become an important ally, and an automated tool like this one ensures you offer fair pricing.

How do I start using Smartpricing?

The software is based on cutting-edge, AI-based algorithms, which independently assess the most profitable rate based on an in-depth analysis of current demand, availability, trends and historical data. Recommended prices are then automatically published across websites and OTAs.

How could I reach Support from Smartpricing?

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +3904611560049


Easily manage your pricing strategy with Smartpricing

Due to our API integration with Smartpricing, the procedure becomes effortless and can be completed within a few minutes. Smoobu promptly receives real-time updates from Smartpricing, ensuring that your listings on booking platforms and your website consistently reflect the accurate pricing information.

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Get ready to take off with strategic integrations

Simplify, automate and boost your vacation rental business

Smoobu is an all-in-one software for vacation rental owners and managers and has been awarded as preferred Software Partner of Airbnb and Premium Partner of On top of that, our Channel Manager is connected to all the relevant booking portals in the vacation rental industry.

Besides these strategic connections, Smoobu is the gateway to a broad and open ecosystem of integrations and partners, which will contribute to simplify your daily vacation rental operations while giving you better results in less time.

Our solution is the ideal starting point in the vacation rental industry, and enables you to obtain better results easily and effortlessly.