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The most complete tool for tourism and marketing at its highest level

Feratel Deskline Integration | Smoobu

Smoobu and Feratel Deskline

Thanks to our integration with our Austrian partner Feratel, our hosts will be able to access the most complete and comprehensive solutions designed specially for tourism related businesses. From effective marketing tools to custom-made systems, you’ll improve your services, increase your impact and reachability, boost your sales, optimize your communication, grow your network, manage your data more efficiently and strengthen the loyalty of your guests, among many others. 


About Feratel 

Feratel is an Austrian company with more than 40 years of experience in the tourism industry and with representation in 10 European countries. Across the decades, Feratel has developed dozens of high-performance marketing solutions and tools to support all aspects of a vacation rental business like yours, with a strong focus on guest satisfaction. With a wide variety of tools, like Deskine, Panorama, One-Stop-Shop, Feratel is one of the most complete digital marketing providers in the industry. 

If you want to discover more about Feratel, visit their website for further information. 


A experience your guests won’t ever forget

For us, that your guests have the most incredible experience while visiting your vacation rental home is our satisfaction, and that you as host are able to also enjoy and get better results in your business. That is the reason we believe in partnering only with the best integrations in the market and always ensuring our quality standards are met, and doing everything possible to fix any sort of problems that might arise. 

Feratel Deskline Integration | Smoobu
Fabian Beckers
Co-Founder - Smoobu

Customers are satisfied with the efficient and smoothly integration and see a real value for their vacation rentals.


How much does Feratel Deskline cost for a vacation rental host?

Feratel offers many different products for every specific need. We recommend you to check their product list and contact them for the tailored solution you look for. 

Is the integration between Smoobu and Feratel Deskline available in my country?

Feratel works mainly in European countries and is supported in German, English, Italian, Czech, Dutch and French.

Why working together with Smoobu and Feratel Deskline is a plus for your vacation rental business?

On  Smoobu you already have an All-In-One platform with a wide variety of solutions, but in order to dig further into marketing aspects, Feratel is the perfect help. The combination of both will provide you with the most complete solution in the market.

How do I start using Feratel Deskline?

Feratel has many tools and solutions that can be perfect for you. Go to their website and Login in the activity that suits you best. For example, for vacation rental business, you will need to click on their Deskline option, since Deskline is the service provider used for vacation rental owners, hosts and partners.

How could I reach Support from Feratel?

Get directly in touch with Feratel through this contact formular in their website.

All-in-one system with Smoobu and Feratel Deskline

From marketing to channel management, our integration with Feratel provides you with a 360º service to get the best out of your vacation rental business. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can now experience a free-14-days trial! Don’t miss it!

14-day free trial

Get ready to take off with strategic integrations

Simplify, automate and boost your vacation rental business

Smoobu is an all-in-one software for vacation rental owners and managers and has been awarded as preferred Software Partner of Airbnb and Premium Partner of Booking.com. On top of that, our Channel Manager is connected to all the relevant booking portals in the vacation rental industry.

Besides these strategic connections, Smoobu is the gateway to a broad and open ecosystem of integrations and partners, which will contribute to simplify your daily vacation rental operations while giving you better results in less time.

Our solution is the ideal starting point in the vacation rental industry, and enables you to obtain better results easily and effortlessly.