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Luggage Drop Off Service, Luggage Drop Off Services – Partners working with Smoobu

Luggage Drop Off Services – Partners working with Smoobu

March 11th, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Luggage Drop Off Services – Partners working with Smoobu”

The Vacation Rental Environment

Before we speak about luggage drop off services, here is what we pretty much alle know :) Vacation rentals, although they might have entered the tourism world for the first time as a more rock 'n'roll trend compared to the more corporate suite hotels solution, have now become a significant concept in every traveler's mindset. Nowadays people do tend more to look for flats, big apartments or villas to spend their holidays at, sometimes even if just for one night. And why is that? Feeling at home, getting cozy, becoming friends with the hosts, creating good memories while at the same reproducing some sort of routine are probably among the top 10 reasons why today's travelers from all over the world have been getting so passionate about this authentic way of vacationing.

Vacation rentals, not only as a trend which successfully managed to take root, but also as one of the most popular business sources of the last few years, needs to be taken care of. Needless to say, the two sides of the coin (hosts and guests, in this particular case) are deeply intertwined, almost symbiotic: the more unforgettable the holiday experience, the better the review, the more positive the comments, the more attractive your structure will appear at potential customers' eyes. Smoobu's job is also to prevent that the strong bonds between these two categories, or better said, roles could get weakened by any small lack of organization or unfortunate events. This represents in fact the perfect environment where sense of cooperation steps in and good ideas coming from different sides can merge into a smart solution. 

Luggage Drop Off Services working with Smoobu

This was nothing more than just another way to describe how an integration between softwares comes to life. Once again Smoobu has proved its users to be well aware of their needs by launching this month a new, exciting partnership with Nannybag that enables international guests to safely store their luggage almost all over the world. Active in the main cities of Europe, US, Canada, Australia and Thailand, Nannybag aims to take away all the stress and concerns that stem from a too late check-in or a way too early check-out. In fact, how many times did we wish to start exploring a city without carrying our bags for half a day? And what about that nice, local shop you wanted to check again before flying back home and you couldn't because your backpack was too heavy and you did not know where to find a reliable luggage storage facility? From now on please remember that Nannybag makes sure similar scenarios will not occur anymore.
In order for Nannybag to do his job, you basically just need to download its app, enter the city you will be staying in and looking for the best storage option or, more properly said, the best nanny in the area where to drop your luggage. Getting rid of this kind of stress and anxiety never came at such a fair price: 6 Euros per piece of bag, no height or weight limit and the nanny you chose will take care of your belongings up to 24 hours. For all the Smoobu users the story gets even more interesting, since they will be given a 10% discount when using this integration. Not bad, right? 

They say the devil's in the details but, the be honest, when it comes to holidays even the smallest thing counts and Nannybag does seem to have adopted this perspective from the very first start, and we couldn't be happier to be on the same page.  

Matthieu Ballester, CEO and Co-Founder at Nannybag, commented, “We want to help people travel without once thinking about luggage. Now we are thrilled to present a breakthrough innovation which will bring exceptional value to the travelers’ journey”.
At the same time it is worth mentioning that for a couple of months Smoobu has been offering its users another brilliant solution which provides a similar service to Nannybag: we are talking about Luggage Hero. Stretching itself between Europe and the US, Luggage Hero wants travelers to feel 100% comfortable with dropping their luggage in the previously selected storage stations, which can be shops and hotels. Among its features, Luggage Hero creates for each customer the so-called Security Seal, meant to be used in all its locations. To have it issued, there's just a few steps to follow and a Luggage Hero employee will help you put it in the right way before handing your bag in. In addition, it feels even safer to know that the seal is bulletproof and that for any kind of damages occurred during the storage time you are insured for up to 2500 Euros (Nannybag and another luggage storage solution called Stasher operate in a very similar way under the same circumstances, for example). By going with Luggage Hero Smoobu customers can benefit from an amazing deal: have their luggage safely stored for two hours more, and for free
So, to wrap the topic up, Smoobu not only works everyday to improve its services, but also manages to never lose grip on its customers' needs by guaranteeing them with a wide range of integrations to enhance their experience as guests.
So here is how it works:

-10% off for your guests with our special offer offers secure, on-demand luggage storage. Travelers pay a low, daily rate to store their bags with the largest storage network in Europe, available in over 500 cities.

Find the available cities here:

What you need to do to offer this superb services to your clients and provide them with -10% off. With every booking!

1. Activate the "luggage storage - by nannybag" toggle in your guest app settings
2. Use placeholder [nannybagUrl] in your messages to send the location based link to your guests. 

6€ / 24h - 4.8/5 - 27 802 reviews


2 hours free of charge luggage storage for your guests! With every booking

LuggageHero offers secure, on-demand luggage storage. Travelers pay a low hourly rate, and all luggage is insured for up to 2500 EUR

Find the available cities here:

What you need to do to offer this superb services to your clients and provide them with 2 hours free of charge luggage storage. With every booking!

1. Activate the "luggage storage - by luggagehero" toggle in your guest app settings - This is what it looks like
2. Use placeholder [luggageHeroUrl] in your messages to send the location based link to your guests. Click here to see an example of what it looks like for "Smoobu`s Awesome Berlin City Apartment"

+40.000 travelers have reviewed LuggageHero 4.7 / 5 

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