USER GUIDE: How to Offer your Rental as a Whole and/or as Sub Units

Are your offering your vacation rental as a whole, but also as separate units? Managing this combination has been complicated and annoying. We have made it easy.

Before starting grouping the units, make sure you have created in Smoobu one apartment for the whole house and as many  apartments as the number of separate units. In the following example “Test Smoobu” is the whole house, while “Test Smoobu 2” and “Test Smoobu 3” are the sub units.

1. Click on “Setup” –> “Properties”
2. Click on “Edit” next to “Test Smoobu 2”
3. Click on “Select parent unit”, select “Test Smoobu” and click on “Save”

4. Follow the same steps for the other sub units. When you are done, you will get this type of visualization for the grouped units:

The way it works is the following: someone books the rental as a whole, Smoobu will block the subunits. If a sub unit is booked, the house is blocked but the remaining sub units remain free. The great part about it, we sync the information to all of your connected channels.

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