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Airbnb – Troubleshooting

November 17th, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 6 thoughts on “Airbnb – Troubleshooting”
Airbnb has developed a standard interface for all its management partners. We also use it. When you connect a listing with any Channel Manager, some aspects of Airbnb are adjusted. These are the following: 1.First of all, instant bookings are activated. This means that all guests can now book instantly, without consulting with you first. This is not bad at all, in fact it has many advantages, but we wantit to be mentioned here. 2. All pricing functions and settings related to prices are greyed out on Airbnb and are now controlled from Smoobu. 3. All listings are subject to quality control by Airbnb. About point 1. We find that our customers with instant booking opportunities have, statistically, more bookings. Therefore, we recommend this set up. With a Channel Manager like Smoobu, you no longer run the risk of receiving a double booking. In addition, one tends to appear in the portals in a higher position. If you still want to activate the bookings upon request, unfortunately, you just have to disconnect and then connect through the portal "Airbnb iCal". Regarding point 2. Ultimately, nothing changes, except that now you administer your prices, minimum stays, etc. from Smoobu. Prices and minimum length of stay are controlled through the 'Prices' tab in the main menu of Smoobu, where the prices of the other portals are also controlled. All other adjustments relating to the price are configured specifically in the "Settings" menu item - "Portals" - "Airbnb price synchronization". For point 3. there are several possible results: a) Everything is fine and your listing is immediately connected to us. Super! This is the case with 95% of listings b) You have not met the minimum requirements in some of your listings, for example, not enough photos have been uploaded or the descriptions of the listings are not extensive enough. Under the heading "Properties", you will find your listings and why they are not currently synchronized with Smoobu. This error message comes from Airbnb, not from Smoobu. Make the changes on Airbnb accordingly and inform us immediately by email after the correction, so that we can reconnect. You can see here an example of an error message: "The listing does not have enough photos, the minimum is 7 photos of 800 pixels wide, 500 pixels high". Just correct this, go back to Smoobu and click on Save again. If you go back to the Smoobu page and click Save, the message should disappear and the connection should be displayed in "green". Make the change soon, because while this message appears in red, your calendar is not synchronizing for these listings and Smoobu can not avoid double bookings.   c) Your listing does not meet the Airbnb criteria to connect to a Channel Manager. Airbnb will manually review a hostel, a hotel or a B & B. If you receive the message "Currently under review ...", your listing may have been temporarily disabled. But do not be scared, there is a simple solution.
  • Disconnect your Airbnb account from Smoobu / Click on "Disconnect account" in Smoobu
  • Go to If your Airbnb listing has been unlisted, please list it.
  • Go to the corresponding listing on Airbnb and change the category of your property to "House" and "Entire place" (we will return it to your usual classification later)
Click on the listing and go to "Rooms and guests" On Airbnb, change in your listing the type of property and type of space to House - House - Entire place. 
  • Your type of property has now changed and the listing is active again.
  • Go to Smoobu and link your Smoobu account with Airbnb as usual.
  • Go to Airbnb and edit your property categories as needed
Now you have finished and the connection is ready. If you have questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to go back to Smoobu - Settings - Booking portals

6 thoughts on “Airbnb – Troubleshooting”

  1. Philipp Reuter says:

    Hi there!
    Can you elaborate on that? If support could not help you I am sure there was an issue on setup or portal side. Can you please address this via a support ticket? Otherwise we cannot allocate the issue to a customer
    Thank you!

  2. Marianne says:

    Hi Caroline,

    Please submit a request from your Smoobu session on this matter and we’ll assist you ASAP.

  3. John says:

    we’re unable to connect with Airbnb through channel manager

    1. Philipp Reuter says:

      Can you please adress or the helpdesk with your account ID?

  4. Bob Kluft says:

    connection with smoobu and airbnb seems to be succesful, but dates opened cannot be adjusted. So airbnb shows no availability from arpil onwards: what shoud I do?

    1. Philipp Reuter says:

      That is correct. We will have to do an initial push of the calendar. Let helpdesk or know once you are good to go

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